• Application Deadlines: 
    • NOT AVAILABLE Summer  (June – August)  *application due by March 15 (notifications out by April 1)
    • Spring (January – April) *application due by October 15 (notifications out by November 1)
    • Winter (September – November) *application due by June 15 (notifications out by July 1)

An internship is a serious commitment. Our expectations are high but in return we guarantee you the attention you want, the experience you need, and the exposure to the profession/business that you desire before you start your own journey.  For this reason we require the following elements in order to select the intern that best fits our team:

  • Email Visual Communication Interpreting’s CEO, Ruann Wood: 
    • Introduce yourself
    • Explain your interest in applying for an internship
    • Explain how/where you heard about VCI
    • Attach the following items to your email:

Upon receipt of submission of video and application, our CEO Ruann Wood will review the video and application contents. Every applicant will receive follow up communication.

Intern Bio Video Instructions:

Please provide all information on video in American Sign Language.  completely in sign language.

  • Full name and sign name (if applicable)
  • Where you call home
  • The name and location of your ITP
  • Your first exposure to sign language and the Deaf community
  • Your current involvement in the deaf community
  • Why you selected interpreting as a career
  • Why you desire to intern with VCI
  • Your plans after your internship is complete

How do you know that you are applying to intern with a reputable interpreting agency? READ this article. VCI satisfies all of the writer’s suggested criteria.

What does a successful internship look like?  Read this blog by our CEO: 7 Ways to a Successful Interpreting Internship

Successful Interns may be invited to work with VCI and participate in the VCI Pathway to Certification.