An internship is a serious commitment. Our expectations are high but in return we guarantee you the attention you want, the experience you need, and the exposure to the profession/business that you desire before you start your own journey.  For this reason we require the following elements in order to select the intern that best fits with our team:

  • Email Visual Communication Interpreting’s CEO, Ruann Wood:
    • Introduce yourself
    • Explain your interest in applying for an internship
    • Explain how/where you heard about VCI
    • Attach the following items to your email:
      • Current resume
      • Link to your Intern Bio Video (YouTube, Vimeo, or e-Portfolio)
      • Completed VCI Employment Application
      • Proof of a passing score on RID National Interpreter Certification Knowledge Exam
      • Proof of membership with the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Upon receipt of submission of video and application, our CEO Ruann Wood will review the video and application contents. Intern applicant will receive follow up communication.

Intern Bio Video Instructions:

The Intern Bio Video should be completely in sign language.  Applicants should film themselves as they provide the following information:

  • Applicant’s full name and sign name (if applicable)
  • Where the applicant considers “home”
  • The name and location of the college the applicant attends
  • Why the applicant chose interpreting as a career
  • Why the applicant is interested in becoming an intern with VCI
  • The applicant’s current involvement in the deaf community
  • What the applicant enjoys doing during free time
  • The applicant’s plans after graduation

How do you know that you are applying to intern with a reputable interpreting agency? READ this article. VCI satisfies all of the writer’s suggested criteria.

What does a successful internship look like?  Read this blog by our CEO: 7 Ways to a Successful Interpreting Internship

Successful Interns may be invited to work with VCI and participate in the VCI Pathway to Certification.