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As far as we are concerned, when you walk in our door you have already passed our internship.  YOU have to give us a reason for you to not succeed. Interning with VCI is not easy but it is very rewarding as seen on our Internships Available page that shows the many interesting and cool types of assignments that we work.  Our expectations for interns coming to our agency and working with our team are very high.  You will get out of this internship what you make of it.  While you are here you will work long hours and sometimes work at assignments that are not your favorite, you will be pushed out of your comfort zone, you will receive constructive feedback, and your vlogs and blogs will go onto public sites for others to view. The entire VCI team is here to support you in your “the real world” internship experience so that you can make mistakes surrounded by a supportive team of interpreters that have your back.

In return we expect our interns to respect every member of our team, accept and incorporate feedback provided by our skilled professionals (your mentors), give 100% in effort, display incredible passion for this profession, produce quality blogs and vlogs, take notes while on observation assignments, engage in high quality discussions with team interpreters, communicate clearly with your supervisor, and function as a full member of the VCI team.  *disclaimer*: Our internship pass rate is 50/50.  Here’s the truth: If your VCI internship is a success and you pass, you are ready to work in the field of professional sign language interpreting.  We frequently ask successful interns to join our team, that is how much confidence we have in you.  If your VCI internship is less than successful it means you are not ready to work in the field of professional sign language interpreting yet and additional mentoring is strongly suggested to get you to where you need to be.  We are searching for the best.  We are searching for YOU, and we look forward to receiving your application. 

Application Deadlines: 

    • CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE Summer  (June – August)  *application due by March 15 (notifications out by April 1)
    • Spring (January – April) *application due by October 15 (notifications out by November 1)
    • Winter (September – November) *application due by June 15 (notifications out by July 1)

An internship is a serious commitment. Our expectations are high but in return we guarantee you the attention you want, the experience you need, and the exposure to the profession/business that you desire before you start your own journey.  For this reason we require the following elements in order to select the intern that best fits our team:

  • Email Visual Communication Interpreting’s CEO, Ruann Wood: 
    • Introduce yourself
    • Explain your interest in applying for an internship
    • Explain how/where you heard about VCI
    • Attach the following items to your email:

Upon receipt of submission of video and application, our CEO Ruann Wood will review the video and application contents. Every applicant will receive follow up communication.

Intern Bio Video Instructions:

Please provide all information on video in American Sign Language.  completely in sign language.

  • Full name and sign name (if applicable)
  • Where you call home
  • The name and location of your ITP
  • Your first exposure to sign language and the Deaf community
  • Your current involvement in the deaf community
  • Why you selected interpreting as a career
  • Why you desire to intern with VCI
  • Your plans after your internship is complete

How do you know that you are applying to intern with a reputable interpreting agency? READ this article. VCI satisfies all of the writer’s suggested criteria.

What does a successful internship look like?  Read this blog by our CEO: 7 Ways to a Successful Interpreting Internship

Successful Interns may be invited to work with VCI and participate in the VCI Pathway to Certification.