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Blue Wall Trust


VCI makes every effort to ensure that the interpreting services that you requested take place at the time you requested. Late interpreter arrivals disrupt the flow of business on your end; therefore we promise that our interpreter will arrive on-time, every time. In the highly unlikely event that our interpreter does not show up on or before the requested time, VCI will waive the first hour of your interpreting services as a good faith effort to keep our relationship with your office a positive one.


Please watch this commercial to learn a little bit more about our Blue Wall Trust Promise:

To our CUSTOMERS we pledge:

  • To provide friendly, prompt, and exceptional customer service.
  • To respond promptly to any and all inquiries about services or information.
  • To clearly state our rates and policies prior to service.
  • To charge fair market prices for all services.
  • To provide streamlined scheduling tailored to customer needs.
  • To provide a written or phone confirmation prior to all assignments.
  • To provide neutral interpreting services that pay equal respect to the paying customer and deaf client.
  • To custom match assignments and interpreters so that the best possible interpreter is sent for each appointment.
  • To provide customers with interpreters who are punctual, respectful, and professional.
  • To provide customers with interpreters who are nationally certified and who are qualified for a particular assignment.
  • To utilized the services of non-certified interpreters only when they are deemed qualified for a specific assignment.
  • To provide written documentation of interpreter certification upon request.
  • To provide interpreters who demonstrate exceptional ethics and confidentiality.
  • To provide interpreters who adhere to the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) “Code of Professional Conduct.”
  • To provide a customer’s preferred interpreter whenever possible.
  • To maintain all customer and client data in a strictly confidential manner.

To our DEAF CLIENTS we pledge:

  • To provide certified interpreters.
  • To provide uncertified interpreters only when deemed qualified for specific assignments.
  • To provide interpreters who adhere to the RID “Code of Professional Conduct.”
  • To provide interpreters who do not talk about where they went, who they saw, or what was discussed at an assignment.
  • To provide highly skilled interpreters.
  • To provide interpreters who show up on time, are respectful, and are professional.
  • To honor client interpreter preference whenever possible.
  • To provide neutral interpreting services that pay equal respect to the customer and deaf client(s).
  • To provide access to our online scheduling system upon request.

To our INTERPRETERS we pledge:

  • To clearly state our pay rates and policies prior to employment.
  • To always demonstrate respect for our employees.
  • To refrain from placing interpreters in assignments for which they are not qualified.
  • To honor interpreter preferences about the kinds of assignments they prefer.
  • To refrain from pressuring any interpreter to accept an assignment.
  • To collect as much assignment information as possible and to provide it to our interpreters upon confirmation.
  • To provide interpreters with confirmation and cancellation e-mails for all assignments.
  • To provide interpreters with access to our online scheduling system.
  • To provide interpreting teams for long or demanding assignments.
  • To provide competitive pay for assignments, and when appropriate reimbursements for mileage and travel time.