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Dentists and Oral Surgeons

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The purpose of this page is to answer some of the questions that we’ve received from customers regarding VRI services at their location.
Medical Offices:  Dentist Appointments and Oral Surgery Appointments
Please reconsider using VRI as your interpreting service provider in these settings.  An onsite interpreter is the best option for deaf patients that are laying back in a dental chair and cannot easily see a video screen on a tablet or computer placed at their feet or off to the side.  In a dental setting the dental hygienist is usually off to one side of the patient.  Imagine trying to also fit a tablet or laptop computer in that same space so the patient can answer questions from the hygienist while performing a teeth cleaning or when the dentist performs a dental exam.

With an onsite interpreter the following are guaranteed:

  • The deaf person is able to ask the interpreter to stand exactly where they can see him/her.
  • The interpreter can still provide an interpretation from above while a patient is laid back receiving services.
  • The interpreter can be out of the way when needed.  Dental offices are often compact/tight spaces.

Why is an onsite interpreter a better option?

  • An out of state VRI interpreter may not know the local deaf community.
  • The VRI interpreter is on a tablet/laptop and cannot actively engage with the deaf patient that is laid back receiving services which means the patient is unaware of what is taking place.
    • This may cause the patient to feel anxious about what is happening to them.
    • The dentist/oral surgeon’s time is precious and to wait until the patient is upright to engage uses precious time.