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RID: NIC Testing Center – TESTING CENTER CLOSES April 16, 2021

Test Site Slot : Monday – Thursday 5:15 p.m. ONLY

Supporting Your Testing Success

The VCI Testing Center now welcomes RID: NIC test candidates from across the southeast (and even those outside of the southeastern US) to take the National Interpreter Certification test here at the VCI office.

When entering the testing site, our test proctor will welcome you with a smile and a handshake. You’ll see your first name “in lights” on our You Rock board too.  You may be nervous but you can relax when you test at the VCI Testing Center.  We have everything ready for you.  We have relaxing essential oils infused into the air, a  cold bottle of water for you to quench your thirst, a candy jar to satisfy your sweet tooth, a locker to protect your personal belongings, and a fantastic testing room with a fan in case you get warm, and a lap blanket if you get cold.

If you would prefer to stand while testing, we have a tall table for you to use to easily take notes.  If you prefer to sit while testing, we have an armless chair (without wheels) or an office chair with wheels and a table in front of you to use for taking notes.  The lights above you are set for filming and the wall behind you is solid blue so the raters will easily see your work.  We want to see you succeed and join the ranks of the Professional Nationally Certified Sign Language Interpreter!  We are here for you!  You’ve got this!  In case you are a wee bit nervous, don’t sweat it.  Here’s a great blog about How to Overcome Test Anxiety.

NIC Candidate Testimonial: “Thank you for your part in helping me get there; it was so nice to have the ease of access of having a testing site (especially one that was low-pressure) in Knoxville.” – Sarah Schomer (RID: NIC)

NOTE:  Contact us directly to set up your test date. Please include your test token number in your email.   Our email is: