YOU Could Be Our Next Intern!

Our next intern has the following traits:

  • Confident in the career choice as an American Sign Language interpreter
  • Willing to work closely with highly skilled, proficient sign language interpreters
  • Possess strong sign to voice skills and solid voice to sign skills
  • Enjoys meeting many new deaf individuals
  • Desires to work with and be affiliated with a well respected agency
  • Willing to promote the agency at sponsored events

If you fit the above description and:

  • You bring new ideas to the table
  • Willingly accept feedback that is honest and forthright
  • Dress professionally and have good hygiene
  • Want to enhance your ethical decision making skills
  • Are not afraid to laugh and have fun
  • Likes the colors lime green and royal blue (okay this isn’t required…but it helps)
  • Will consider staying in the greater Knoxville area to work with VCI after graduation (hint)

We want to hear from you immediately!  Here’s how YOU can apply!

Our Winter Intern (1.14.2019 – 4.2.2019) Joshua McDonald (University of North Florida)

Joshua McDonald is a senior at the University of North Florida, and will be graduating in April of 2019. He was raised in Orlando, Florida, where he and his family live. Learning ASL has always been a dream for Joshua, and when he set foot in college, the opportunity to learn the language presented itself. After taking a few ASL classes, he felt led by God to continue on with the courses, and before long changed his degree path from Business Administration to ASL/English interpreting. He is currently working as an interpreter in the K-12 school system, and aspires to interpret in churches and shows at theme parks near him, sometime in the future. When he is not signing, Joshua enjoys playing piano, singing, hanging out with friends and traveling. He feels truly blessed to be a part of the VCI team as their winter intern, and can’t wait to see what opportunities and experiences lie ahead.

Our Distance Intern (January 2019 – April 2019) Tyla Oellerich (Gardner-Webb University)

Tyla is currently a student in Gardner-Webb University’s ITP and will graduate in May 2019. Due to her class schedule, she is only able to complete internship hours on the weekends and school breaks when there are assignments available to participate in. She was born and raised in the small North Carolina mountain town of Maggie Valley. Her goal is to move to Knoxville after graduation. Her biggest passion in life is ASL and Deaf culture and one of her favorite things to do is translate songs into ASL. If she is not immersed in ASL related activities, which is rare, she is reading books, watching TV, hanging out with friends, or playing with her dog. Tyla is looking forward to the experiences ahead and the knowledge the VCI staff can share. She hopes to build her interpreting skills during this internship and get a better idea of what being an interpreter in the real world is like.

Our Fall Intern (8.11.2018 – 12.15.2018) Logan Massey 

Logan Massey (Intern) Logan is a non-traditional intern.  She holds a B.S. degree in Psychology (2013) from Virginia Commonwealth University and an A.A.S. degree in ASL Interpreting (2016) from J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. Both establishments are located in Richmond, VA. Logan’s husband is pursuing his PhD.  As a result, they have moved repeatedly over the past few years making it difficult for her to establish herself as an interpreter in any location she’s lived.  Logan comes to VCI ready to learn, excited to be a part of the team, and determined to become a nationally certified interpreter.  In her free time, Logan enjoys playing with her dogs and traveling with her husband.


Our Winter/Spring Intern (2.06.2018 – 3.23.2018) Michelle Boykin 

Michelle Boykin (Intern) Michelle comes to VCI as an intern from Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana (say that three times fast!).  Michelle will graduate from Bethel College in May 2018.  Michelle is originally from Middle Tennessee and looks forward to the possibility of staying in the greater Knoxville area after graduation from her Interpreter Training Program.  Michelle is an avid outdoor enthusiast, with outdoor hobbies that range from snow skiing to backpacking, and canoeing to simply sitting by a campfire. Other hobbies include cooking and baking, sewing, and writing. Michelle is a musician and has arranged many sacred pieces on the harp and piano. She loves God and it shows. She looks forward to developing her interpreting skills during her internship with VCI.  Intern did not satisfy internship requirements.



Our Summer/Fall Intern (7.20.2017 – 11.22.2017) Amy Albers 

Amy Albers(Intern) Amy came to VCI after spending a few years navigating life, family, and some light interpreting work after she graduated from Maryville College. She holds a bachelor’s degree in ASL/English Interpretation. Amy is a mother of four, the caretaker of a beautiful garden, the partner of a wonderful man, and holds a full time job in one of the many subsistence departments at the University of Tennessee hospital. She is excited to begin working alongside VCI’s team of nationally certified interpreters so that she can walk into the profession she feels she is called to do.   Click HERE for a quick introduction from Amy.    Intern did not satisfy internship requirements.


Our Winter Intern (1.9.2017 – 4.11.2017) Sarah Reichert 

Sarah Reichert (Intern) Sarah came to VCI from the University of North Florida. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications and now a second bachelor’s degree in ASL/English Interpretation. Sarah previously completed internship hours as an educational interpreter for an interpreting agency near her college.  Her interpreting experience includes some volunteer work with Upward Sports and Beat the Streets Wrestling.  Sarah’s experience is not limited to ASL, she was also TV reporter with WUFT News and as a radio operator with WUFT-FM.  Completed 129 hands up hours +171.5 hours of observation time. Experienced 44 different types of assignments/situations.  

*Update (November 2017)  VCI offered Sarah a full time, staff interpreter position and she accepted. You’ll find Sarah listed on our Meet Us page as one of the VCI team of professionals. WELCOME BACK SARAH!!!

Watch her Dear New VCI Intern Video here(available only to active VCI interns)


Our Summer Intern (5.24.2016 – 7.29.2016) Ashley Harper


VCI Intern Ashley Harper

Ashley Harper (Intern) Ashley came to VCI from the University of Little Rock in Arkansas. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in ASL/English Interpretation with a minor in Sign Language Studies. Ashley has a deep passion and dedication to the field of interpreting. She enjoys all the roles she takes on whether it is as a student, peer, colleague, or team player. Ashley came to VCI with over 200 hours of volunteer work in the Deaf/Blind community as an SSP. In her other life she is a Starbucks barista and set up a successful, ongoing Sign Language Social at a local Starbucks in Little Rock, AR while she lived there.  Completed 40 hands up hours 45 hours of observation time. Intern departed internship one month before internship complete.

Watch a Farewell from Ashley Harper VCI’s 2016 Summer Intern from University of Arkansas – Little Rock.

*Update (August 2016).  After Ashley completed her internship with VCI, she headed to Rochester, New York to intern with the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID). She realized during her community internship that she is best suited in educational settings.

Our Winter Intern (2.1.16 – 5.9.16) Rachel Blevins


VCI Intern Rachel Blevins

Rachel Blevins (Intern) graduated from Maryville College in Maryville, Tennessee with a BS degree in sign language interpreting. Her goal is to be an accomplished medical interpreter and also work as a legal interpreter in the far future. Right now, however, she wants to experience everything she can get her hands on. Her two favorite hobbies are reading and listening to music. Completed 132 hours of hands up time.

**Update (September 2017)  Rachel realized how much she missed East Tennessee, the deaf community, her family, and the VCI team.  Rachel joined VCI’s team of professionals and is currently working on her earning her national certification.  WELCOME BACK RACHEL!!!

*Update (September 2016). After Rachel graduated from Maryville College she moved back home to North Georgia for a short time, came back to work with VCI for a few brief months before moving to Memphis to work as a community interpreter with Deaf Connect.

Our Chattanooga Intern (8.24.15 – 4.29.16) Kathy Miller


VCI Intern Kathy Miller

Kathy Miller (Intern)  Is married with three teenagers, two dogs, and a goldfish. She graduated from Troy University and participates in the Silverdale Deaf Ministry (She is a non-denominational kinda gal focusing on my personal relationship with God).

God has blessed Kathy with a servant’s heart which has led her into the interpreting field along with various volunteer opportunities such as animal rescue/fostering/free rabies clinics, prison ministry work through Valamont Women’s Civic Group, Catholic Charities Pregnancy Help Center, Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) of Chattanooga, and an active caregiver for a veteran (her awesome dad).

Kathy came to VCI excited about this new journey God has lead her to. She thanks VCI for giving her the opportunity to become a member of the team. Completed 136 hands up hours +207 hours of observation time.

Update (February 2018).  We heard from Kathy at the start of the new year with exciting news.  Kathy is now part of the interpreting team at Hickory Valley Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN and works full time as an educational interpreter. GREAT WORK KATHY!! 

*Update (August 2016).  After Kathy graduated from Troy University with her sign language interpreting degree, she worked with VCI for a short time before her to a full time position assisting deaf and deaf/blind individuals in their community.  Though we are sad she isn’t working with VCI any longer we are always pleased when people find their passion and calling and then walk in that path. CONGRATULATIONS KATHY!!!

Our Summer Intern (6.1.15 – 8.14.15) Angelina Kaehl (Angel)


VCI Intern Angel Kaehl

Angelina Kaehl (RID: Pre-Certified) Angelina (aka Angel) comes to VCI from Maryville College with an intended graduation date of May 2015.  She will spend three months during Summer 2015 getting her hands moving in the Knoxville deaf community.  Angel hales from Long Island, New York and works part time at the Smoky Mountain Brewery.  She enjoys theater and has a strong bond with her family who enjoyed the Sunday meal together every week at grandma’s house growing up.  Angel with kick off her internship on June 1, 2015 after she celebrates her graduation and makes a quick trip home to love on family and friends before returning to kick off her interpreting career in Knoxville.  She anticipates becoming a part of the VCI professional interpreting team after she completes her internship.  Read Angle’s exit article here:  Post Internship Interpreter Tips .   Completed 400 hours of  hands up and observation time.

Watch a Farewell from Angelina Kaehl from VCI’s 2015 Summer Intern from Maryville College.

**Update (April 2017).  Angel is freelance interpreting for three different agencies and works mostly in the NY city metro area.  Most of her work is in area tech schools and periodically working medical assignments.  Way to Go Angel!!!

*Update (May 2016).  After Angel completed her internship and graduated from Maryville College, she stayed on with VCI as a scheduler and event planner.  Angel worked with VCI for nine months before she moved back to New York to be closer to her very close Italian family. Angel is working for a catering service in New York.  We Miss You Angel!!!!

Our Spring Intern (2.26.15 – 4.3.15) Ashley Favata


Ashley Favata - VCI Intern

Ashley Favata (RID: Pre-Certified) Ashley comes to VCI from the University of North Florida.  She will spend about 5 weeks during Spring 2015 assisting VCI in our office and getting her hands moving in the Knoxville deaf community.  Ashley looks forward to attending any/all deaf events in the community, getting to know the customers and clients that VCI works with as well as teaming with all of VCI’s certified interpreters.  Ashley arrived on February 26, 2015 and departed April 3, 2015.  She is currently back in South Florida completing requirements for graduation.  Ashley desires to be part of the Video Relay interpreting world and looks forward to a mentoring opportunity with one of the VRS providers in South Florida.  Completed 275 hours of observation and hands up time.

Watch a week 3 vlog from Ashley Favata VCI’s 2015 Winter Intern from University of North Florida. Ashley assisted our CEO with the move into the new office space. She was unable to make an exit vlog because all equipment was in boxes.

*Update (August 2015).  After Ashley graduated from the University of North Florida and completed her internship with VCI, she acquired a full time position with National Interpreter Resource.  CONGRATULATIONS ASHLEY!!!

Our Summer Intern (5.19.14 – 7.31.14) Gretchen Schmidt


Gretchen Schmidt - VCI Intern

Gretchen Schmidt (RID: Pre-Certified) VCI’s newest intern graduated from Maryville College in May 2014 with a double major in American Sign Language interpretation and ASL/Deaf Studies.  Gretchen hails from New York state and previously attended Adirondack Community College before transferring to Maryville College.  While in college she worked as a tutor and a mentor to lower level interpreting students to assist them in refining their skills.  She also held weekly study groups and was a student ambassador for the college which included giving prospective students a tour of her campus, assisting with campus open house events and traveling to area high schools to promote Maryville College and the degree fields they offer.  One interesting thing about Gretchen is that she was an amusement ride operator at Six Flags: Great Escape in Queensbury, New York.  Imagine the stories she must have from her experience working with park guests.  Gretchen spent four months with VCI before accepting a full time position in a public school system as an educational assistant in September 2014.  Completed 400+ hours of observation time.

See a picture of her in action at Maryville College.

*Update (August 2014).  After Gretchen completed her internship and graduated from Maryville College she stayed on with VCI to work as a scheduler until she moved to a full time job in the local public schools as a special education assistant and then onto a job as an educational interpreter at Bay District Schools in Panama City, Florida in 2016.  Best of Luck in your New Career Path Gretchen!

Our Summer Intern (6.25.13 – 8.14.13) Amanda Harker


Amanda Harker - VCI Intern

Amanda Harker,  VCI Intern (RID Certified: EDU K-12).  Amanda is originally from Monticello, Florida and has lived in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina for the past 12 years.  She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2003 with a degree in Educational Interpreting and is currently in a Master’s Degree program for ASL/English Interpreting at the University of North Florida with an anticipated graduation date of December 2013. When Amanda is not busy with grad school work she enjoys traveling, riding bicycle, kayaking, reading and enjoying time with friends and family.  Amanda looks forward to spending part of her summer working with VCI’s pool of interpreters and getting to know the Knoxville area Deaf community. Completed 165 interpreting hours + additional observation time.

See a Fond Farewell from Amanda Harker from VCI’s 2013 Summer Intern from University of North Florida

*Update (August 2014).  After Amanda graduated in December 2013 from the University of North Florida with her Masters Degree, she returned to work as an interpreter in the Raleigh/Durham public school system.  However, in August 2014, Amanda became the interpreter services specialist for DSDHH-Greensboro (Division of Services for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing)!