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Rates for Sign Language Interpreting Services

Sign language interpreting is a professional service.  Our rates are in line with the industry standard for professional sign language interpreting services.

Our team of professional interpreters are qualified to work in multiple situations and for a myriad of deaf individuals (no two are alike therefore no two language preferences are alike).

Don’t risk your company, your office, or your interpreted situation to just any interpreting agency because of a cheaper price.  There is a direct correlation between quality and price when hiring a professional sign language interpreter. There is great value knowing that the communication your company or office has with your deaf employee, patient, or client will be seamless because you took the time to vet your interpreting service provider.  You get what you pay for.  VCI stands behind the work that our interpreters perform.  Only the Best Interpreters for the Best Customers. That is how we see it.

VCI guarantees that your interpreter will conduct himself/herself professionally, will exhibit exceptional skills interpreting from sign language to spoken English and visa versa, will exhibit competence in your topic content or situation, will adhere to the interpreter code of professional conduct, will keep confidential all information, and will show up to work dressed as a professional when VCI is your service provider.  In fact, we guarantee we will show up on time or your first hour is free.  We call it the Blue Wall Trust Guarantee.  We mean it when we say Only the Best for the Best Customers.

We acknowledge that sign language interpreting services are expensive.  We strongly encourage all customers to establish a  budget, annually, for interpreting services/language access so your office or company is not caught off guard.  Providing language access is part of the cost of doing business in a multilingual state and nation.  Access to communication in the public sector is a civil right as established by the United Stated Federal Government via the Americans with Disabilities Act.  We know that you want to do the right thing, so give us a call at 865.622.0999 or an email and we will make sure that your office or company has the very best interpreters.

To view our terms of agreement which includes our rates for onsite and VRI interpreting, please email: