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Sign Language Interpreting Services

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What services can VCI offer your location?

We provide professional sign language interpreters for medical settings, legal settings, employment settings, educational (K-12, College) settings, seminars/conferences, and every other business under the sun that needs to communicate with deaf clients, employees, students, patients or customers. We help you satisfy the requirement found in the federal law , Americans with Disabilities Act, that mandates places of public accommodation ensure that people of all abilities can effectively communicate with staff, providers, representatives, teachers, medical provides, counsel, etc.

What is sign language interpreting?

The interpreter will interpret into American Sign Language (ASL) everything spoken in English and will voice interpret everything signed in ASL into a spoken English interpretation so that all hearing and deaf individuals involved in the setting can effectively and equally communicate with each other.

Sign Language Interpreting – on site at your location: A professional sign language interpreter(s) will come to your physical location on the date and time you request.

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Remote Sign Language Interpreting (VRI)

VRI services work similarly to on-site interpretation. The primary difference is the professional sign language interpreter works remotely via computer video. You and your deaf client may be in the same location but interpreter will be at the VCI office and will interpret for you via our online communication platform known as Connectivity. VRI is a viable option in rural areas where few professional interpreters are available. This option also eliminates travel costs for companies working with a tight budget but must still comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act that mandates a deaf/hard of hearing person’s right to effective and accessible communication.

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ASL Docs

Did you know that for most deaf people, English is their second language and American Sign Language (ASL) is their first language? Did you know that the average deaf person reads at a 4th grade level? Do you think your deaf employee/patient/client can understand the documents you “send home” with them? We suspect that they do not. What happens after the interpreter leaves and you ask your deaf employee to read about the 401K plan on their own time? Or your deaf inpatient to fill out a journaling workbook about their problems/issues? Or your deaf patient is given instructions for the night before their surgery? Or they are given discharge/at home care instructions when they are discharged? This is where VCI ASL Docs come in. VCI ASL Docs is yet another way that area businesses can ensure that vital information is accessible to all deaf people.

Let VCI help your HR department put employee manuals, benefit documents, and policy/procedures into American Sign Language for your deaf employees. Allow VCI to interpret your medical pre-op requirement papers into ASL so that they are accessible to your deaf patients. Let VCI make your hospital discharge and care instructions accessible to all your deaf patients. Allow VCI to assist your mental health facility to ensure that therapy doesn’t stop when the interpreter leaves by putting all therapy journals/workbooks into ASL for your deaf patients.

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Computer Assisted Realtime Captioning (CART) – CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

CART, sometimes called realtime captioning, is a way to transcribe the spoken word into readable English text during a live event. A certified CART professional (aka CART writer) listens by telephone and writes, using a stenotype machine, notebook computer and software to write the realtime content (spoken word) into text that displays on a website that you are logged into. The realtime text may be displayed as a full screen of large text at the front of the room or on a single computer monitor. CART provides a complete translation of all spoken words and environmental sounds for the benefit of an individual or a large group. VCI provides Remote CART services. Remote CART streams text to a secure Internet URL for viewing on a computer, projection screen and/or mobile device.