Remote CART Frequently Asked Questions

I had a deaf person ask for CART instead of an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter.  Why?

  • Some deaf people became deaf later in life and are adept in English.
  • It is possible that the deaf person functions well in both ASL and in English but doesn’t want any specialized terminology lost.
  • Not all people with hearing loss are fluent in ASL.
  • Watching an ASL interpreter mandates the deaf person maintain continuous eye contact which may necessitate a note taker.  With CART the transcript is provided after the session ends.
  • The deaf person may prefer CART as their ADA “effective communication” accommodation instead of ASL.

I bet CART is very expensive.

  • Cost savings is achieved with remote text.  Travel, transcript, projection and set-up fees as well as two-hour minimums are a thing of the past.

My event/meeting includes some very technical jargon.  How will the CART writer keep up?

  • Highly skilled CART writers provide all remote text services including specialty text services in legal, medical and educational settings.
  • A skilled CART writer writes around 225 words per minute.  Certification speed for a CART writer is 180 words per minute (wpm) in real-time at 96% accuracy.  This is far faster than a good qwerty touch typist which averages on the low end 80 wpm and on the high end 120 wpm.

What if my request is outside of business hours?

  • On-demand and short-service notices are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What do I need for remote CART services?

  • Equipment:  No proprietary equipment is required.  The client will view captioning through a web based platform, accessed by laptop or tablet (Windows, Apple, Android, etc.)
  • Internet:  The participant(s) device must connect to the internet (hard wired or WiFi).
  • Audio:  An audio connection is critical.  Options include: conference call, WebEx, Skype, in-house wired mic or another VoIP system or streaming video-audio connection.
  • Microphone:  For optimal sound, please utilize a high quality external microphone.  The built-in microphone on a laptop or tablet is not strong enough to pick up speech in a large room or in a situation with multiple participants.

How does CART work?

  • One time requests:  we send a confirmation email with a hyperlink to the participants from the scheduling department.
  • Ongoing requests:  we set up an online account (web portal) and then include the class schedule, name of the writer(s) and the link to the session is included in the confirmation sent from the scheduling department.
  • Transcript:  an electronic transcript in MS Word format is sent within 48 hours of the completed session.

See a sample of the interface here.