Remote CART Frequently Asked Questions

I had a deaf/hard-of-hearing person ask for CART.  What is CART?

  • Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) is the instantaneous translation of the spoken word into readable text.  Often called captioning, this text is viewed on a mobile device, notebook computer, television monitor, or large screen which allows everyone to read along and participate.
  • The individual may request CART as their ADA “effective communication” accommodation.
  • See a sample of the interface here.

How does Remote CART work?

  • An audio feed taken from a classroom or meeting room is sent to an experienced offsite captioner.  The captioner uses one of several audio solutions (mentioned below).  The captioner creates captions using a captioning application (no download needed) with a stenography machine.  The captions are streamed back to the viewer via internet.  CART is speech-to-text within seconds.

Do I need to download an app or any software?

  • No.  All you need is an internet connection.

Then how will I view the captions?

  • Once services are confirmed, the viewer will receive a link  to the session with a reminder.  A few minutes before the session begins, click the link and the session opens in the viewers default browser. The captioner will chat with the viewer using the chat window to make sure things are working correctly and the viewer sees the captions.

What else do I need for remote CART services other than an internet connection?

  • MOST IMPORTANT:  A clear audio signal so the captioner can hear what needs to be captioned.  Frequently customers use a Skype call over a Wi-Fi network.
  • Audio:  Wireless microphone works best to receive audio.   Microphone must be fully charged and ready to go.  On occasion a conference call will suffice for audio.
    • Recommended:  Revolabs xTag wireless microphone
    • Landline with a conference phone or even a mobile phone is also possible
  • Equipment:  Use a web-enabled device such as a:
    • Laptop plugged into a live electrical outlet
    • Tablet/iPad or smartphone device fully charged or connected to a charger
  • Internet:  A room with a reliable Internet connection.  Test the connection 24 hours before the event.

My event/meeting includes some very technical jargon.  How will the CART writer keep up?

  • CART writer will need the agenda, handouts, PowerPoint presentation, acronyms, proper names and unique terminology at least 24 hours in advance.

I would like a transcript.  Is that possible?

  • Yes.  Once the session is complete, the captioner will send a link to the viewer.  The link is for a downloadable transcript of the session.  The transcript is FREE with your session!

How will I know CART will work for us?

  • It is always best to test CART services in advance, particularly if projecting the CART captions onto a screen.  This way all are familiar with and comfortable with the remote captioning software and services.