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CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation), sometimes called real-time captioning, offers immediate, verbatim, streaming voice-to-text translation at events, conferences, classes, public hearings and other events.  Remote CART provides access to these events for deaf and hard of hearing viewers, those for whom English is not their primary language or other attendees who might have difficulty hearing.

Captions are available to a single participant on a mobile device/tablet/laptop or via a large screen via a projector for the whole audience.

Flexibility is Key.  Pick Your Setting:
  • Classrooms.  Streaming text appears on the student’s laptop or mobile device so it is discreet and not disruptive to the learning environment.  Students that choose to take notes can highlight text within the application.  Transcripts of the session are available immediately and if desired stored indefinitely for review.
  • Meetings and presentations.  State-of-the-art software avoids the need to rent an expensive encoder!  Captions are overlayed into videos and PowerPoints as well as WebEx meetings.  A complete, verbatim transcript is available at the conclusion of the meeting.
  • Conference calls. View streaming text of a conference call on a mobile device or tablet.  It is a flexible and discreet way to provide employees with access to the spoken word.
How does remote CART work?

Remote CART is very simple to use.  First, the CART writer needs to hear what people are saying in the classroom or meeting.  This is done via Skype, webinar or a conference line.

Experienced real-time captioners “translate” the audio to text in real time using a stenography machine.  The text is securely streamed over the internet to a web-enabled computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone where is is viewed discretely in real time.

As the audio is captioned, it is displayed in real time in a browser on a PC, laptop, smartphone or other web-enabled device.  The fully configurable viewing window allows users to format their captioned text for optimum viewing in addition to taking notes and communicating with the captioner in the built in chat window.











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