Computer Assisted Real-time Translation (CART) – CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

CART, sometimes called real-time captioning, is a way to transcribe the spoken word into readable English text during a live event. A certified CART professional listens by telephone and uses a stenotype machine, notebook computer and software conveying real-time content (spoken word) into text.  The text is displayed from a web-based platform that you are logged into. The real-time text may be displayed as a full screen of large text at the front of the room or on a single computer monitor. CART provides a complete translation of all spoken words and environmental sounds for the benefit of an individual or a large group.

VCI provides Remote CART services. Remote CART streams text to a secure Internet URL for viewing on a computer, projection screen and/or mobile device. The benefit of remote CART is the fact that multiple individuals can simultaneously view the streaming text.

CART works successfully in classrooms, lecture halls, conventions and conferences, large or small events, workshops, cultural events and presentations, civic events, and religious services. Essentially CART is a perfect fit for any event that someone with a hearing loss needs to or wants to participate in.

With more than 48 million Americans suffering with some sort of hearing loss, CART is an excellent option for companies to make their services accessible. CART benefits people who are deaf/hard-of-hearing. An added bonus?  This technology is an asset to any person that can read, even if they use a hearing aid, cochlear implant, or partake in an FM loop system. The Americans with Disabilities Act specifically recognizes CART as an assistive technology for the purpose of effective communication. CART serves all people because it provides independence, freedom, full participation, anonymity, confidence, and independent understanding.

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