Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

When an in-person, on-site or face-to-face interpreter is not immediately available or difficult to obtain, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a viable option. VRI is a fee-based service that uses a videoconferencing platform to access an off-site interpreter to provide real-time sign language interpreting services for conversations between hearing people and deaf people.  All you need is: (specs compliments of the ADA)

  • A computer (laptop, desktop, tablet) large enough to display the interpreters face, arms, hands, and fingers as well as the same for the person using sign language (regardless of his/her body position)
  • Internet browser (Google Chrome or Firefox ONLY)
  • Full-motion video (webcam)
  • Clear, audible transmission of voices (USB microphone may be necessary in some situations)
  • Dedicated high-speed, wide-bandwidth video connection or
  • Wireless connection that delivers high-quality video images void of lags, choppiness, blurriness, grainy images or irregular pauses
  • Trained staff to ensure quick set-up and proper operation

When the above specs are met, VCI can connect your office/business with a nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter with a few simple clicks of a mouse.

VRI is available via a scheduled requests only at this time.  VRI is a solid option in the following settings:

  • Rural areas where few professional interpreters are available
  • When wait time for an on-site interpreter is or may be life threatening to the deaf person
  • For inquiries that are short in nature such as a bank transaction, help desk questions, tech support assistance in a retail store, etc.
  • Ongoing appointments such as physical therapy sessions (not advised for mental health if at all possible)
  • Daily meetings such as a morning safety meetings or an afternoon employee briefings
  • When the ADA compliance budget does not have sufficient funds to absorb high interpreting costs

DISCLAIMER: It is critical to note that there are limits to the effectiveness of VRI services in some medical and mental health settings where the client’s ability to watch the screen or sign clearly to the camera is compromised. VRI services are also limited in most legal and in nearly all court settings due to the high risk nature of these situations. Our scheduling department will alert you if your request falls into a limited situation category. At that time they will strongly encourage requesting booking an on-site interpreter.

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