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Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and Over-the-Phone (OPI) Interpreting Available
The Steps are Easy:
  • Sign in to our secure portal
  • Select the appropriate language
  • Your remote interpreting session begins within seconds

VRI and OPI is a fee-based service (per minute – no minimums) that uses a secure HIPAA compliant online video conferencing portal (VRI) and a simple telephone/cell phone for OPI to access an off-site interpreter to provide real-time sign language interpreting services for conversations between hearing people and deaf people.

VRI Perks:
  • On-demand connection to an interpreter in seconds
  • Easy-to-use interface with clear, high quality video and audio feed
  • High security with a private, encrypted network
  • Easy access to most frequently used languages
  • Chat function within the interface
  • Invite other experts/staff onto the platform for integrated care delivery (COMING SOON!)
  • Three-way video call option (COMING SOON!)

VRI Available Languages:

  • American Sign Language
  • Arabic
  • Bosnian
  • Burmese
  • Cantonese
  • Farsi
  • French
  • Haitian Creole
  • Hmong
  • Korean
  • Mandarin
  • Nepali
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Punjabi
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Somali
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Vietnamese

DISCLAIMER: It is critical to note that there are limits to the effectiveness of VRI services in some medical and mental health settings where the client’s ability to watch the screen or to produce sign language clearly to the camera is compromised. VRI is also not a viable option for individuals with limited language due to cognitive function delays.  

READ:  ADA Law and Department of Justice Requirements: Civil Right Division for VRI

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