Sign Language Workshops offered by VCI

Sign Language Continuing Education Activities: Presented in spoken English unless noted

Workshop are a part of the continuing education for professional sign language interpreters.  We are excited to begin offering workshops to satisfy the need for continuing education credits (CEUs).  Here are the current offerings.  Click here to Inquire about or Book a workshop.

DON’T FALL PREY TO THE 7: Discovering Your Why (.4 CEUs) – Coming Fall 2018

Presenter:  Sarah Reichert, BS Interpreting/BS Communication

Co-Presenter:  Ruann L. Wood, BS Interpreting; RID: NIC-Adv.; SC:L pre-certified.

Description:  Author, TedTalk presenter and self-identified optimist, Simon Sinek introduced his theory “Start with Why” in 2009. WHY is “the  purpose, cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do.”

This workshop serves to further explore Sinek’s “Start with Why” theory but from the sign language profession perspective.  Interpreters will exit this workshop equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to uncover WHY he or she became and continues to work as a sign language interpreter.

This equipping is valuable because when an interpreter thinks, acts, and communicates starting with his or her WHY, the interpreter then inspires others, acknowledges personal passion in his or her own work, and lives his or her own values which ultimately benefits the professional and deaf community.

Target Audience:  Working interpreters with 5+ years experience and ITP (Interpreter Training Program) interpreters

"Wowowowow I went to a fantastic workshop on burnout, hitting the glass ceiling remembering why you became a terp and where to go from where you are.  It was INCREDIBLE." - Jodi Upton, EIPA Certified, Ringgold, GA


CRACKER JACK THAT:  Finding the Prize Inside of You  (.2 CEUs) – Coming Winter 2018

Presenter:  Ruann L. Wood, BS Interpreting; RID: NIC-Adv.; SC:L pre-certified

Description:  There are many opportunities to have a bad attitude.  There are many more opportunities to have a great attitude.  When a person understands that they hold a prize inside (the ability to make someone’s day), that person can then find the prize inside of others and Cracker Jack their day! This is the perfect workshop to bolster a team’s customer service level!

Target Audience:  Individuals/agencies/companies involved in customer service who have the potential to make or break a customer or client’s experience.


IT’S NOT JUST A JOB:  It’s Your Everyday Life  – presented in ASL

Presenter:  Ruann L. Wood, BS Interpreting; RID: NIC-Adv.; SC:L pre-certified

Description:  Step easily into the working world from the high school realm by knowing what employers expect from initial contact and communication, to appearance, to the interview and post interview.  Attendees will interactively work through preparing for an interview, walking through an interview, exiting and interview and following up post interview.

Target Audience:  Deaf students exiting high school and heading into the working world


BUT I’M A FREELANCE INTERPRETER:  Understanding What This Title Truly Means (.2 CEUs)

Presenter: Ruann L. Wood, BS Interpreting; RID: NIC-Adv.; SC:L pre-certified

Description:  What is the difference between a “freelance interpreter” and an employee in the interpreting profession?  In 2016 there is a shift in how agencies are working with interpreters who have historically called themselves “freelance interpreters”.  Attendees will learn the difference between freelance interpreters and employees; understand the responsibilities that come with freelance work; evaluate individual status; and depart with a checklist of necessary changes to ensure freelance status.

Target Audience:  Interpreter Training Program students


MORE THAN AN ETHICAL FLEA DIP  (.2 CEUs) – Coming Fall 2018

Presenter: Ruann L. Wood, BS Interpreting; RID: NIC-Adv.; SC:L pre-certified

Description:  What is an ethical flea dip? When the man in the mirror makes the decision to live and work with sound ethics and then wanders into rationalizing the fork in the road.  Is it possible to live and work in tandem where ethics in personal life are the same ethics in professional life?

Target Audience:  For the mostly good person.  The person whose ethics are, well, good.

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